Research Statement

I research the informal learning and knowledge production that results when people from all walks of life come together to rethink, restore, and redesign urban ecosystems. My research touches on issues of environmental management, volunteer stewardship, and adaptive problem solving and draws inspiration from participatory action research, progressive education, and grassroots urban planning. On a more theoretical level, my work is informed by the fields of informal adult learning and science and technology studies, both of which point the way toward a new epistemology for participatory urban ecology.

I strive to achieve praxis in all of my work, blending theory with action, insight with real-world experimentation, and knowledge with practical know-how. I also write essays and produce podcasts on similar themes for The Nature of Cities.

Publications & Policy Reports

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  • Silva, Philip. “Adult Education: Learning Together in Community Gardens.” In Urban Environmetnal Education, edited by Alex Russ, 149–50. Ithaca, N.Y and Washington, D.C.: Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab, NAAEE, and EE Capacity, 2015.
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