Prevent the Poonami

They say that the solution to pollution is dilution. But sometimes there’s more poop than there is water in our creeks and streams, resulting in what some call “poonami.” 

greenSo begins the Guide to Green Infrastructure: 5 Projects Any Community Can Do—a handy little how-to for gregarious greenies in neighborhoods across the United States. The guide is short and sweet and full of useful tips for transforming any urban community into a sponge for stormwater. It includes instructions for building bioswales, rain gardens, and simple rain catchment systems. It also offers advice on tearing up sidewalks asphalt to create more permeable soil surfaces for soaking up the stuff that falls from the sky.

I contributed a one-pager on street tree stewardship for stormwater management. My first tip? Phone a friend and have some fun. The best street tree stewardship events are those that could easily be mistaken for 4th of July block parties. Download the Guide to find out more! And if you live in New York City, you can up the ante with your street tree skills by enrolling in a “Citizen Pruner” course with Trees New York. 

The Guide to Green Infrastructure is published by IOBY, a fantastic group that helps D.I.Y. do-gooders find the funds to launch exciting new projects in their own backyards. Check them out and consider giving some cashola to an initiative in your area today.

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